What is a Suzuki teacher?

Suzuki education is found world-wide. The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) coordinates activities in North America, and is currently developing a system of teacher accreditation.

In the interest of clarity, here is a list of attributes common to teachers who teach according to Suzuki principles:

About Stephanie Judy . . .

Stephanie Judy has been a Suzuki violin teacher and Suzuki parent in the West Kootenays for 20 years. She has studied Suzuki violin pedagogy with Barbara Barber, Catherine Lee, Patricia D’Ercole, Edmund Sprunger, and Rosalind O’Keefe. She is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and president of the West Kootenay Suzuki Association. She has been a guest teacher at summer and winter Suzuki workshops in Whitehorse, and a member of the violin faculty of the Valhalla Summer School of Music and the Suzuki Vahalla Institute, in New Denver, B.C.

Stephanie is the author of Making Music for the Joy of It, a book to encourage adults to be active amateur musicians. She is currently working on a sight-reading method for Suzuki violin students. She is a member of the Selkirk Chamber Orchestra, the string trio Trillium, and the Symphonie of the Kootenays.