What do we do at home?

Parents support the music learning at home by

How much will this cost?

Music lessons are an investment in your child’s education, bringing benefits in every realm—social, psychological, intellectual, artistic, and spiritual.

Lessons and group classes cost about $60 to $70 per month (September to June). Families should plan to spend about $350 to $400 on a first instrument, with an additional investment each time the student moves to a larger size. (A good violin will hold its value. You can usually sell it for about what you paid for it.) Strings, sheet music, recordings, and other supplies, plus activities such as regional workshops, cost about $50-$100 per year.

Where do we get a violin?

WAIT! Do not buy a violin for your child before you begin lessons!

It is extremely important to consult with the teacher first to be sure that you get the correct size. Very young Suzuki students (6 and under) will not use a violin right away, and even older students can take two or three lessons without an instrument.

There are usually a number of fractional violins (i.e., child-sized violins) available around the West Kootenays, especially in the fall, as students move to larger sizes. Local teachers often know who has a violin to sell or loan. There are violin shops in Vancouver, Calgary, and Spokane, and there are also mail-order and rental sources for student violins.